Masha Maltsava · KITH x Estée Lauder

    Kith's partnership with beauty brand Estée Lauder continues with their second collaboration of Make-up products inspired by the bonds between women; right on time for International Women's Day. Masha
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  • 20190115_KITH_PILATES0856-Edit.jpg

    Masha Maltsava · KITH


  • BX1I4016-Edit-Edit.jpg

    Masha Maltsava · KITH

    Photographer Masha Maltsava lenses the stunning Jena Goldsack wearing Kith Women's collaborative collection with Cordova Athleisure. 

  • 23569_MMA_KITHxVogue_002-05-Edit copy.jpg

    Masha Maltsava · KITH x VOGUE

    - KITH x VOGUE - 
    Vogue and Kith Collaborate again with a collegiate collection captured by Masha Maltsava.

  • Masha Maltsava · Estee Lauder x Breast Cancer Awareness

    New Breast Cancer Campaign featuring ambassador Elizabeth Hurley lensed by Photographer Masha Maltsava for Estee Lauder. 

  • CB4T1684-Edit copy.jpg

    Masha Maltsava · KITH

    Transition from summer to fall with new pieces from Kith's latest women's collection featuring Meredith Mickelson, lensed by Photographer Masha Maltsava. 

  • CB4T4627-Edit copy.jpg

    Masha Maltsava · Jay Alverez

    -100F Under Cali Sun-
    Photographer Masha Maltsava captures Hawaiian-born, American social media influencer Jay Alvarrez under the cali sun. 

  • CB4T7396.jpg

    Masha Maltsava · New York Pilates

    Fashion's favorite pilates studio is launching it's own line of workout gear in New York. Vogue.com gives us the skinny, lensed by p
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  • F19_AERIN_LIM_DIGITAL_3_R150 copy.jpg

    Masha Maltsava · AERIN

    Limone di Sicilia. New advertising for Aerin's new citrus fragrance collection lensed by photographer Masha Maltsava. 

  • MM_Gabriel-_Kane_Lewis_05232019_299 copy.jpg

    Masha Maltsava · Gabriel-Kane Day Lewis

    Singer Song-writer Gabriel-Kane Day Lewis sits with photographer Masha Maltsava for this sulty series of photos.

  • 12 copy.jpg

    Masha Maltsava · KITH

    Hot summer drop from Kith for the Summer 2019 campaign lensed by photographer Masha Maltsava featuring the beautiful Cassie Amato. 

  • BD8I4577-Edit copy.jpg

    Masha Maltsava · KOIO

    The sneaker for those who dare. New work for luxury leather goods brand KOIO, by photographer Masha Maltsava. 

  • CC_ShadeChart_new.jpg

    Masha Maltsava · Erborian

    Effortless beauty in an instant. New work by photographer Masha Maltsava for Erborian CC crème doré. 

  • 190603_KITH_02_0520-Edit copy.jpg

    Masha Maltsava · KITH

    Kith presents an editorial for the adidas Originals Home of Classics lensed by photographer Masha Maltsava. This iconic collection pays tribute to the classic lineage of white leather sneakers as they’ve transcended cultures and
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  • Masha Maltsava · Estée Lauder

    New work for Estée Lauder Beauty by Masha Maltsava featuring beauties Caroline Kelley & Lisa Washington.


    Masha Maltsava · KITH

    Model Alana Felisberto turns up the heat for the new Kith Women Active collection, lensed by Photographer Masha Maltsava. 

  • MM_KITH_CONCRETE_0418201921254 copy.jpg

    Masha Maltsava · KITH

    Drop Two. Photographer Masha Maltsava captures the Kith Women New Classics Campaign featuring model Jessica Strother. 

  • SHOT_3_0830 copy.jpg

    Masha Maltsava · KITH

    New work by photographer Masha Maltsava for KITH womens Spring '19 collection featuring model Shani Zigron at Bambi Studios, New York. 

  • MM02032018_Beauty_Test3419_pp-Edit-1.jpg

    Masha Maltsava · Rubina Dyan

    Gorgeous new beauty portraits by photographer Masha Maltsava featuring the luminous Rubina Dyan. 

  • SH05_112_01.jpg

    Now Representing · Masha Maltsava

    We're excited to announce our represnetation of Photographer and Content Creator Masha Maltsava. 

    Masha's photographs vibrate with ethereal energy. Her special lighting enchanses her subjects and brings a s...Read More


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