• 1920px Web_Miss Sixty Yoyo_0150.jpg

    Lenne Chai · Miss Sixty

    New fall advertising for Miss Sixty featuring Yoyo Cao by Lenne Chai.

  • 1920px Web_20200314_Salem0809.jpg

    Lenne Chai · The Laterals

    Inspired by surrealist photographers of the 1920's, Lenne Chai used all the smoke & mirrors ( literally ) to create an earie, distorted fantacy series featuring model Lorena Duran. 

  • 3000px Web_Keyana645 Square Crop.jpg

    Lenne Chai · Keyana

    Photoshoots from afar. Lenne Chai lenses the stunning singer Keyana via Facetime for her new single 'Scorpio'. 

  • 1920px Web_20200910_Elle Singapore3325.jpg

    Lenne Chai · ELLE SIngapore

    New editorial by Lenne Chai for Elle Singapore.

  • Mae.gif

    Lenne Chai · Gucci

    Lenne Chai pushes the envelope yet again, shooting the gorgeous Mae Tan at a fish farm and underwater all via Facetime. R.I.P. I-Phone. 

  • 1920px Web_20200907_The Unbeatables2327.jpg

    Lenne Chai · The Unbeatables

    Lenne Chai channels the 90's singaporean drama series 'The Unbeatables' in this glamorous high-stakes casino themed story. 

  • JPGdonothingday.jpg

    Lenne Chai · Nathan Hartono

    Recording artists Nathan Hartono dropped his brand new Mandarin EP (Do Nothing Day) with a cozy cover portrait by Lenne Chai. 

  • Lenne Chai · Kinetic Singapore

    Kinetic Singapore's WFH- 'Work From Heart' miniseries highlights our very own Lenne Chai in their very first episode. 

    WFH features Singapore creatives who show us all that ev
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  • SGPride@Netflix #PrideInside Photo Essay-2.jpg

    Lenne Chai · Netflix #PrideInside

    "The month of Pride is usually a joyful moment every year, marked by parades and colourful celebrations. But wrapped in a rainbow, it is actually a form of protest - a commemoration of the LGBTQIA+ rights movement that
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  • 1920px Web_20200304_Eiza Gonzalez for The Laterals0789 extended copy.jpg

    Lenne Chai · The Laterals


    “Our industry is truly such a wild one. You’re here tomorrow, then suddenly you’re not. You’re given the limelight, and then in a flash, you’re in the dark. It’s an ever-evolving indus
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  • Cover001 !NASLOVNA 251_300dpi.jpg

    Lenne Chai · Grazia Croatia

    In addition to being more aware of the importance of respecting nature, we have also become more aware of the importance of our connection to it. But will it s
    ...Read More

  • Style Opener_pdf_spread June 2020-1.jpg

    Lenne Chai · Cosmopolitan UK

    In need of some totally stylish looks? Cosmo's got you covered. Lenne Chai lenses Cosmopolitan UK's spring style guide. 

  • 1920px Web_20200227_TeenVogue0035 4.jpg

    Lenne Chai · Teen Vogue

    Lenne Chai lenses Teen Vogues how-to guide for getting ready for virtual prom (or just a night out). 
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  • 1920px Web_20200129_DylanSprouse1103.jpg

    Lenne Chai · Esquire Singapore

    Lenne Chai photographs actor Dylan Sprouse who is ready to make his resurgence. Esquire Singapore chats with the former child star who is now ready to take on acting once again. But at his own pace and terms.

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  • 04. 064-073 STYLE Spread Matthew Noszka ESQSGMar20jd-6.jpg

    Lenne Chai · Esquire Singapore

    Plucked from obscurity (thanks to Instagram), male model Matthew Noszka is setting his sights beyond modelling. Lenne Chai captures the budding Netflix star for Esquire Singapore's March 2020 issue. 

  • 1920px Web_LEN_8081.jpg

    Lenne Chai · 1883

    1883 Magazine meets Gretel & Hansel actress Sophia Lillis. Lenne Chai lenses the young star for 1883 Magazine's Decadent Issue. Available Now! 

  • 1920px Web_20190704_PomeloFashionFW19_Day1_Phase1_13_3105.jpg

    Lenne Chai · Pomelo

    New work by photographer Lenne Chai for Pomelo Fashion's Act 3. Fall/Winter 2019 Campaign featuring beauties Yuka Mannami & Layla Ong. 

  • Pages from WWD11062019-4 copy.jpg

    Lenne Chai · WWD

    WWD highlights 2020's breakthrough brands with photography by Lenne Chai. 

  • Print_20190616_Lucien Clarke Esquire Singapore0158 copy.jpg

    Lenne Chai · Esquire Singapore

    British Skateboarder Lucien Clarke talks skateboarding & his inception into the fashion world for Esquire Singapore. Photography by Lenne Chai. 

  • 1920px Web_20190916_Princess Idol0139.jpg

    Lenne Chai · Princess Idol

    Photographer Lenne Chai explores a City-Pop inspired shoot featuring Japanese idol for a day, Camille Rong. 

  • 1920px Web_LEN_0200.jpg

    Lenne Chai · Sharon

    Photographer Lene Chia lenses IMG beach babe @FlammeDePigalle (Sharon) in Coney Island, Brooklyn. 

  • 1920px Web_LEN_8027.jpg

    Lenne Chai · Alien Space Cowgirl

    Aliens, Cowgirls & Getai. Photographer Lenne Chai captures essence of the Singaporean Ghost Festival with a touch of Space-Cowboy Camp, with the stellar beauty Xener Gill. 

  • Print_000066060005 copy.jpg

    Lenne Chai · L'Officiel Singapore

    Break into the vibrant shades and silhouettes of yesterday. Photographer Lenne Chai lenses the technicolor clad beauty Elizabeth Ayodele for L'Officiel Singapore's June issue. 

  • 3.1 Dae Lim Print_LEN_0677.jpg

    Lenne Chai · Refinery 29

    Photographer Lenne Chai lenses the amazing Asian-American creatives reinvigorating the downtown party scene for Refinery 29. 

    ...Read More

  • Print_LEN_1354 copy.jpg

    Lenne Chai · L'Officiel Singapore

    Photographer Lenne Chai lenses four amazing individuals who who us what it means to defy the odds and be truly one of a kind for L'Officiel Singapore's June/Jully 2019 issue. ...Read More

  • Hot Wheels

    Lenne Chai · Tidal Magazine

    Babes, boards & Badassery. Photographer Lenne Chai lenses the girls of the skate park for Tidal Magazine issue #11.

  • 1920px Web_LEN_5807.jpg

    Lenne Chai · Coach X Yetiout

    Photographer Lenne Chai lenses the pre-fall collaborative collection by Coach & music collective/apparel line YETIOUT. 

  • 1920px Web_LEN_0271 copy.jpg

    Lenne Chai · Beauty Gold

    All that glitters with gold. Photographer Lenne Chai lenses the radiant Ash in Singapore for the third installment of her new photo series, Big Fortune Energy.

  • 1920px Web_20190409_Matisse0004 copy.jpg

    Lenne Chai · Beauty Fish

    According to Feng Shui, a fish represents wealth, prosperity and love. Photographer Lenne Chai lenses the abundantly beautiful Kaci & Ash in Singapore for the first installment of her gorgeous new series. 
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  • 1920px Web_LEN_0463 copy.jpg

    Lenne Chai · Beauty Dots

    Photographer Lenne Chai lenses the crystals of the sea, Pearls, adorned on beauties Ash & Kacibeh. 

  • 1920px Web_LEN_4229.jpg

    Lenne Chai · Esquire Singapore


    Photographer Lenne Chai lenses the stars of Marvel's SHAZAM!, Asher Angel & Jack Grazer for Esquire Singapore.

  • 1920px Web_BLAWKO_ESQUIRE_3111.jpg

    Lenne Chai · Esquire Singapore

    Digital Heartthrob Blawko, aka ronald, aka lil'Blawkquela, aka Blawmuda lands on the cover of Esquire Singapore's April 2019 "AI' Issue, lensed by Photographer Lenne Chai. 

  • 1920px Web_LEN_7990.jpg

    Lenne Chai · Esquire Singapore

    As the Game Of Thrones fandom counts down to the final season of the series, Photographer Lenne Chai lenses Jamie Lanister himself, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau for Esquire Singapore's April 'AI' Issue cover story. 
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  • Full Resolution (Exported for Web)20181128-SHOT01-0318 copy.jpg

    Lenne Chai · ELLE.com X Bloomingdales

    New advertorial by photographer Lenne Chai for ELLE.com X Bloomingdales.

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  • 1920px Web_20190224_IISE Lookbook0474.jpg

    Lenne Chai · IISE

    -IISE 2019- 
    Photographer Lenne Chai captures Korean streetwear brand Iise SS 2019 collection. 

  • Lil' Miquela

    Lenne Chai · L'Officiel Singapore

    Photographer Lenne Chai lenses virtual influencer & perpetual 19 year old Lil Miquela for L'Officiel Singapore's 12th anniversary issue. 

    ...Read More

  • 1920px Web_LEN_7812.jpg

    Lenne Chai · Bella Taiwan

    Fresh Fashion without the hang-ups. Photographer Lenne Chai snaps the beautiful Layla Ong for Bella Taiwan's January 2019 issue.

  • Print_LEN_0033 copy.jpg

    Lenne Chai · Ana Coto

    Photographer Lenne Chai lenses Ana Coto first time on rollerskates. 

  • Print_LEN_9048 copy.jpg

    Lenne Chai · Esquire Singapore

    -RISE & FALL-
    New work by Photographer Lenne Chai for Esquire Singapore. 

  • 1500px Web_LEN_8077.jpg

    Lenne Chai · Issue

    Inspired by the criminalisation of homosexuality in Singapore Photographer Lenne Chai imagines a more connected world for ISSUE featuring a traditional chinese wedding with a LGBTQI twist.

  • 1920px Web_LEN_5241.jpg

    Lenne Chai · H&M x Moschino

    -H&M TV -
    Jeremy Scott's wild-and-crazy TV-themed collaborative collection with H&M launched November 8th and photographer Lenne Chai was present and tuned in, capturing the magic behind the runway show.


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