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    Lenne Chai · Pomelo

    New work by photographer Lenne Chai for Pomelo Fashion's Act 3. Fall/Winter 2019 Campaign featuring beauties Yuka Mannami & Layla Ong. 

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    Lenne Chai · WWD

    WWD highlights 2020's breakthrough brands with photography by Lenne Chai. 

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    Lenne Chai · Esquire Singapore

    British Skateboarder Lucien Clarke talks skateboarding & his inception into the fashion world for Esquire Singapore. Photography by Lenne Chai. 

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    Lenne Chai · Princess Idol

    Photographer Lenne Chai explores a City-Pop inspired shoot featuring Japanese idol for a day, Camille Rong. 

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    Lenne Chai · Sharon

    Photographer Lene Chia lenses IMG beach babe @FlammeDePigalle (Sharon) in Coney Island, Brooklyn. 

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    Lenne Chai · Alien Space Cowgirl

    Aliens, Cowgirls & Getai. Photographer Lenne Chai captures essence of the Singaporean Ghost Festival with a touch of Space-Cowboy Camp, with the stellar beauty Xener Gill. 

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    Lenne Chai · L'Officiel Singapore

    Break into the vibrant shades and silhouettes of yesterday. Photographer Lenne Chai lenses the technicolor clad beauty Elizabeth Ayodele for L'Officiel Singapore's June issue. 

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    • 3.1 Dae Lim Print_LEN_0677.jpg

    Lenne Chai · Refinery 29

    Photographer Lenne Chai lenses the amazing Asian-American creatives reinvigorating the downtown party scene for Refinery 29. 

    ...Read More

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    Lenne Chai · L'Officiel Singapore

    Photographer Lenne Chai lenses four amazing individuals who who us what it means to defy the odds and be truly one of a kind for L'Officiel Singapore's June/Jully 2019 issue. ...Read More

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    • Hot Wheels

    Lenne Chai · Tidal Magazine

    Babes, boards & Badassery. Photographer Lenne Chai lenses the girls of the skate park for Tidal Magazine issue #11.

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    Lenne Chai · Coach X Yetiout

    Photographer Lenne Chai lenses the pre-fall collaborative collection by Coach & music collective/apparel line YETIOUT. 

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    Lenne Chai · Beauty Gold

    All that glitters with gold. Photographer Lenne Chai lenses the radiant Ash in Singapore for the third installment of her new photo series, Big Fortune Energy.

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    Lenne Chai · Beauty Fish

    According to Feng Shui, a fish represents wealth, prosperity and love. Photographer Lenne Chai lenses the abundantly beautiful Kaci & Ash in Singapore for the first installment of her gorgeous new series. 
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    Lenne Chai · Beauty Dots

    Photographer Lenne Chai lenses the crystals of the sea, Pearls, adorned on beauties Ash & Kacibeh. 

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    Lenne Chai · Esquire Singapore


    Photographer Lenne Chai lenses the stars of Marvel's SHAZAM!, Asher Angel & Jack Grazer for Esquire Singapore.

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    • 1920px Web_BLAWKO_ESQUIRE_3111.jpg

    Lenne Chai · Esquire Singapore

    Digital Heartthrob Blawko, aka ronald, aka lil'Blawkquela, aka Blawmuda lands on the cover of Esquire Singapore's April 2019 "AI' Issue, lensed by Photographer Lenne Chai. 

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    • 1920px Web_LEN_7990.jpg

    Lenne Chai · Esquire Singapore

    As the Game Of Thrones fandom counts down to the final season of the series, Photographer Lenne Chai lenses Jamie Lanister himself, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau for Esquire Singapore's April 'AI' Issue cover story. 
    ...Read More

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    Lenne Chai · ELLE.com X Bloomingdales

    New advertorial by photographer Lenne Chai for ELLE.com X Bloomingdales.

    Read More >>>

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    Lenne Chai · IISE

    -IISE 2019- 
    Photographer Lenne Chai captures Korean streetwear brand Iise SS 2019 collection. 

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    • Lil' Miquela

    Lenne Chai · L'Officiel Singapore

    Photographer Lenne Chai lenses virtual influencer & perpetual 19 year old Lil Miquela for L'Officiel Singapore's 12th anniversary issue. 

    ...Read More

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    Lenne Chai · Bella Taiwan

    Fresh Fashion without the hang-ups. Photographer Lenne Chai snaps the beautiful Layla Ong for Bella Taiwan's January 2019 issue.

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    Lenne Chai · Ana Coto

    Photographer Lenne Chai lenses Ana Coto first time on rollerskates. 

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    Lenne Chai · Esquire Singapore

    -RISE & FALL-
    New work by Photographer Lenne Chai for Esquire Singapore. 

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    Lenne Chai · Issue

    Inspired by the criminalisation of homosexuality in Singapore Photographer Lenne Chai imagines a more connected world for ISSUE featuring a traditional chinese wedding with a LGBTQI twist.

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    Lenne Chai · H&M x Moschino

    -H&M TV -
    Jeremy Scott's wild-and-crazy TV-themed collaborative collection with H&M launched November 8th and photographer Lenne Chai was present and tuned in, capturing the magic behind the runway show.


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