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    Rosaline Shahnavaz · Mae Muller

    Rosaline Shahnavaz lenses London's emerging star Mae Muller for her latest album Therapist. 

  • Robotic-olympic-1 copy.JPG

    Shxpir Huang · Grazia China

    What's next for the future of fashion. New editoral by Shxpir for Grazia China's September 2020 featuring models Dien Kim & Minny Warren. 

  • Dom_1.jpg


    Dom-minating the beauty scene. Jenn Collins lenses the flawless Dom. 

  • Michael Sturgeon · Good Morning America

    Pop diva Christina Aguilera takes to the stage, built by set designer Michael Sturgeon, to perform songs from Disney's live-action remake of Mulan on Good Morning America. She also performed her new version of "Reflect
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  • IMG_9283.gif

    Shxpir Huang · Harper's Bazaar Men China

    International superstars MALUMA lands not one but two out of this world covers for Harper’s Bazaar China September 2020, lensed by photographer & visual-artist Shxpir. 

  • ND_Chp 044.jpg

    Todd Sutherland · Nelson Design

    Todd Sutherland captures the grandure of Nelson Design's sensational interiors.  

  • retro-layout-1 copy.jpg



    We are excited to announce ADB's representation of Photographer and Director Shxpir (pronounced Shakespeare). 
    Dazed & Confused called him one of the “mouthiest photographers in China”, and this sta
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  • Damon_Baker_masterp_infaillible_24hr_lipstick_tkunakey_lgrothe_pos_va_20180222.jpg

    Damon Baker · L'Oreal

    New advertising for L'Oreal's 24hr lipstick by Damon Baker featuring the gorgeous Luma Grothe. 

  • 901 (1).jpg

    Danny Kasirye · GQ

    Danny Kasirye captures Actor John Boyega for British GQ's October 2020 issue, his first interview since finishing Star Wars.

    Boyega wrote his name in the history of racial justice during the Black Lives Matter rallie
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    ADB Agency is thrilled to introduce Céline + Maxime of Joli Studio, a creative visual studio based in Paris.

    Céline + Maxime met in 2012 at Antidote magazine where they were respectively a...Read More

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    Rosaline Shahnavaz · Zara Kids

    -ZARA KIDS- 
    It's a pajama Party!!! Rosaline Shahnavaz lenses the new Zara Kids Pyjama Capsule collection.

  • S005_022的副本 copy.jpg

    Amarsana Gendunova · Grazia China

    The minimalist design, meticulous workmanship, soft tones, and straight lines outline the minimalist style with a neutral style this season. Amarsana Gendunova teams up with Photographer Shxpir for Grazia Ch
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  • Sunday Telegraph Magazine_08-03-2020_Charli_Howard-2.jpg

    Rosaline Shahnavaz · The Telegraph

    Model Charli Howard exposes the dark side of the fashion industry for The Telegraph's March 2020 cover issue, Lensed by Rosaline Shahnavaz.

  • Lenne Chai · Kinetic Singapore

    Kinetic Singapore's WFH- 'Work From Heart' miniseries highlights our very own Lenne Chai in their very first episode. 

    WFH features Singapore creatives who show us all that ev
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  • Lydia_RS004.jpg

    Rosaline Shahnavaz · Lydia

    New photo session by Rosaline Shahnavaz featuring beauty Lydia.

  • ESQ040120EVANSCVR_lo-3a.jpg

    Michael Sturgeon · Esquire

    With his fortieth birthday on the horizon, Chris Evans seems to have undertaken a retreat, leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe now behind him and returning to familiar ground to regroup. Set design for Equire Magazine by
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  • _89A2588print.jpg

    Dennis Leupold · Amazing Magazine

    -OUT TO SEA-
    Amazing Magazine Issue 10 features the gorgeous Vanessa Ouma & Clara McSweeney captured by Dennis Leupold out at sea in Marina del Rey, California. 

  • Shot3_Final.jpg

    Jon Paterson · By Terry

    Jon Paterson lenses the new summer collection for luxury cosmetics brand ByTerry. 

  • Ole_Banana Serum Campaign_Ad 2.jpg

    Jenn Collins · Olé Henriksen

    New work by Jenn Collins introducing Olé Henriksen's Banana Bright™ Vitamin C Serum.

  • Dennis Leupold · Schwarzkopf

    Create your Color. Dennis Leupold directs the latest campaign for Schwarzkopf's Palette Intensive Color Creme. 

  • E50E403D-0288-4EA6-85D9-D0694604EA3B.jpeg

    Rosaline Shahnavaz · Gay Times

    Rosaline Shahnavaz shoots Singer Anne-Marie for the cover of Gay Times. The budding star talks about labels, her debut album, Speak Your Mind, and her sexuality. 

  • IMG_7330.jpg

    Kazu Okuda · Tokyo Hues

    Something Broke inside the darkness. Kazu Okuda's Tokyo Hues' featuring Carmen Julia Duran Garcia is nominated at the New Renaissance Film Festival.

  • RO002954-R1-35-36A f2.jpg

    Rosaline Shahnavaz · Yuki

    The gorgeous Yuki connects with Rosaline Shahnavaz in London. 

  • SGPride@Netflix #PrideInside Photo Essay-2.jpg

    Lenne Chai · Netflix #PrideInside

    "The month of Pride is usually a joyful moment every year, marked by parades and colourful celebrations. But wrapped in a rainbow, it is actually a form of protest - a commemoration of the LGBTQIA+ rights movement that
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  • Sydney_Final 1.jpg

    Jenn Collins · Sydney Schafer

    Sydney Schafer has joined the chat. Fresh new beauty via zoom by Jenn Collins. 

  • Christian Blanchard · Triathlon

    Focus, Determination & Endurance.
    Christian Blanchard captures the essence of the greek multisport race in the heart of the big apple. 

  • COS050120WellBeauty_lo-1.jpg

    Rosaline Shahnavaz · Cosmopolitan

    Rosaline Shahnavaz lenses the many manifestations of bathtime bliss for Cosmopolitan Magazine. 

  • TB_PREFALL20_11b_12188_v3_FINAL_RGB400.jpeg

    Victor Demarchelier · Tory Burch

    The Tory Burch Summer 2020 collection is here.
    Victor Demarchelier lenses the gorgeous Heloise Gurin in East Hampton for Tory Burch's exclusive Summer capsule collection. 

  • DSC_2089-Modifica.jpg


    ADB Agency is pleased to introduce Photographer Alessio Albi. 

    Alessio was born in the city of Perugia, nestled in central Italy. His education and interest in science led him to an academic degree in Medical Bi
    ...Read More

  • att325_Cover_Jake Piking_no barcode.jpg

    Dennis Leupold · Attitude Magazine

    Dennis Leupold lenses Hollywood's Jake Picking for Attitude Magazine's August issue. The fast-rising star is breathing new life into the personal tragedy of actor Rock Hudson in Ryan Murphy's glossy period drama 
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  • Daily Telegraph Magazine_11-07-2020_Main_1st_p1.jpg

    Rosaline Shahnavaz · The Telegraph Magazine

    On How having an Oscar Winning father is a mixed blessing. Rosaline Shahnavaz lenses Actor John David Washingon for the cover of  The Telegraph Magazine's July 2020 issue. 

  • 1920px Web_20200304_Eiza Gonzalez for The Laterals0789 extended copy.jpg

    Lenne Chai · The Laterals


    “Our industry is truly such a wild one. You’re here tomorrow, then suddenly you’re not. You’re given the limelight, and then in a flash, you’re in the dark. It’s an ever-evolving indus
    ...Read More

  • Julia1-2.jpg

    Jenn Collins · Julia Lamarque

    Let the sun shine in. Jenn Collins lenses beauty Julia Lamarque soaking up some rays in this weeks vitural beauty shoot. 

  • Elisabetta franchi ss20 1 .JPG

    Nima Benati · Elisabetta Franchi

    Gorgeous work by Nima Benait for Elisabetta Franchi SS 20 campaign. 

  • Concealer.jpg

    Chris Turner · By Terry

    -BY TERRY- Chris Turner lenses the latest campaign for By Terry cosmetics.

  • Sara giunti ss20 .jpg

    Nima Benati · Sara Giunti

    Out of this world fashion. Nima Benati lenses Sara Giunti's SS 2020 collection featuring some monochromatic muses. 

  • Anita-Final 1.jpg

    Jenn Collins · Anita Jane

    Lisa Frank stickers and Rainbow Pop. Jenn Collins lenses beauties from California to New York during quarantine. 
    This week beauty Anita Jane Pathammavong connects with Jenn for a vitural shoot. 

  • Cover001 !NASLOVNA 251_300dpi.jpg

    Lenne Chai · Grazia Croatia

    In addition to being more aware of the importance of respecting nature, we have also become more aware of the importance of our connection to it. But will it s
    ...Read More

  • S_COTURE1.jpg

    Mike Adler · S Magazine

    A vibrant dose of elegant haute couture. Stylist Mike Adler pumps up the saturation of color for S Magazines SS 2020 issue. 

    Photography: Michelle Duxuan, Hair: Tomoko Ohama, Makeup: Alice Ghendrih, Set Design:
    ...Read More

  • Mike Adler · Kilian


  • KLA_I_GRZ_XX_24_024D_2020.jpg

    Damon Baker · Grazia Germany

    -10 HOT STORIES-
    ...Read More
  • serenity.jpg

    Marcel Van Luit · Serenity


  • Capture One_BLM_FIST_.jpeg

    Jon Paterson · Black Lives Matter

    In solidarity with Black Lives Matter, photographer Jon Paterson has joined forces with fellow artist Rob Willingham ( @Anonymousretouch ) to create this gorgeous limited 1st edition BLM print. 

    100% of the proceeds wil
    ...Read More

  • 515_cover_michaela_coel.jpg

    Rosaline Shahnavaz · Stylist Magazine

    Rosaline Shahnavaz lenses the actor, director and writer Michaela Coel for the cover of Stylist Magazine's June 22nd issue. 

  • Kazu Okuda · NY STATE PSA

    -Wear A Mask-
    New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo asked new Yorkers to help communicate why it's so important to wear a mask to stop the spread of Corona Virus.

    Out of the five finalists for the "Wear A Mask New York Ad Contest" the&nb
    ...Read More

  • Cami Grid.jpg

    Jenn Collins · Cami & Audrey

    Masks Off. Jenn Collins lenses beauties from California to New York during quarantine. 
    This week beauties Cami Opp & Audrey connect with Jenn for a vitural shoot. 

  • Victor Demarchelier · Massimo Dutti

    The new Massimo Dutti Spring 2020 collection directed by Victor Demarchelier featuring Heloise Guerin. 

  • 200503_MassimoDutti_6Alt_4336_v2.jpg

    Victor Demarchelier · Massimo Dutti

    Discover the new Massimo Dutti Spring 2020 collection lensed by Victor Demarchelier featuring Heloise Guerin. 

  • RS002366-R1-08-9A_1 f2 RGB.jpg

    Rosaline Shahnavaz · FENDI

    When art isn't your thing, take matters into you own hands. Rosaline Shahnavaz captures the latest drop from Fendi.

  • Binder2-3.jpg

    Rosaline Shahnavaz · Harrod's

    Designer Huishan Zhang is redefining those three famous words. Rosaline Shahnavaz captures the glamours East-meets-West take on luxury fashion.



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