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    ADB Agency is pleased to introduce Photographer Alessio Albi. 
    Alessio was born in the city of Perugia, nestled in central Italy. His education and interest in science led him to an academic degree in Medical Biotechnologies where he worked as a nutritionist for three years. Although Alessio didn’t initially set out for a photography career it was his interest in the visual arts and the complexities of human emotion that piqued his interest and inspired him to take the plunge.

    Alessio‘s stunning images capture the magic of the feminine. Weaving dramatic lighting, moody atmospheric locations and beauties from around the world to create portraits that pull you in. His artful visual stories have captivated viewers from around the world earning him a following of more than 785,000 on Instagram.

    Please join us in welcoming him to ADB Agency and follow us on instagram to see more of his work. 

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