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Nathan Harper Scialom


Born in Neuilly France in 1991 of an English mother and french father who met in NYC.

Surrounded from a young age by his true passions : film, photography, music, visual arts, and advised by his parents that the secret to happiness in life was to follow his dreams. It was inevitable that Nathan’s future lay in that direction. 

After achieving his diploma in France, he moved to NYC to study at NYFA. 

He graduated in October 2013. 

His short film project « calibri » was selected to be shown at different festivals and won awards as best director and best cinematography. 

He then started his carrer as a freelance and one of his first project was to shoot behind the scenes for the Apollo theater which was a wonderful experience due to his passion for music.

This second passion would lead him to shoot different music videos. One of the most known is « Doll House - Mélanie Martinez » which to this day has over 117 millions and 1 million likes on youtube. 

Later, he had the beautiful opportunity to shoot different fashion digital film for Armani. 

Since then Nathan, lives between Paris and New York. He keeps shooting commercial work for 

- Armani beauty (Digital content)

- Hussein Chalayan (fashion film)

- Girbaud



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